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Hey everyone.

Just another one of those plain thank you journals

Thanks everyone who have watched me so far. I'm very appreciative of the support you've given mere here. Just passed 100 watchers recently, so I'm glad to see that the numbers are slowly rising.

And again like last time, I apologize for not really being socially active on here (like commenting and such). The only site I really am more active, besides being updated with posting the art, is Furaffinity. It's my main site, and my biggest base of commissioners and furry friends are there. I simply don't have the time to catch up on all the sites. 
But don't think for one second I'm not grateful for all of you. Because I definitely am so.

So once again, thank you ^.^

If any of you are on the following sites, feel free to check me out on any of these places

FurAffinity - gangstaguru 
Weasyl - gangstaguru
Inkbunny - gangstaguru
SoFurry - gangstaguru

Here are all the commission prices, like I promised :P


Flats - $5
Cell Shaded - $10
Duo icon - $8 (Flats) $13 (Cell-Shaded)


Extra character - $3

Full Body 

Flat - $20
Cell Shade - $30
Extra character - $3

Reference Sheet

Normal (Back & Front View, Closeup of marking/s, color swatches) - $15
Full (Back & Front View, Closeup of marking/s, color swatches, close up headshot, cell shade) - $25
Add Ons
Expression headshot - $2
Body with clothing - $5


Well the day is finally here! I'm open for commissions!! I had to do something with the bank so I was able to do this.

I'll post another journal up soon stating my prices.

And with that I will also announce that my time for taking requests is over.
The people who are still awaiting me to finish off artwork that they have requested, I will finish those off and they will be the last drawings I'll do as requests. It would be obviously unfair if I said otherwise.

Another announcement, I will be going to my first ever furry convention, Confurgence. It will be in Melbourne, at the very start of next year. Haven't paid for it YET, but I definitely will very soon.

Thanks everyone

Guru signing off.....
Well, my 19th year ends and my 20th begins.

So far its been pretty good.
Not to mention....well.. that I only got a WACOM INTUOS PRO!!!!!! :-D I finally have my first drawing tablet. And what a tablet to get aye?
Hopefully this improves my drawings a lot more in future.
Will be going out to a nice restaurant tonight for a family dinner. Should be good.

Guru signing off....
Sorry its taken sometime doing the requests that I'm doing, I've been pretty busy. But I AM doing them. So I've put a progress list below to ive you an update on where I'm up to with your requests :) I WILL HAVE THEM FINISHED SOON.

Progress checkpoints:
-finished sketching
-computer linework
-finished linework
-coloring & effects
-finished (when it gets uploaded


:iconreal-s: - 6/20 pages complete
                - pages 7-10, finished linework

:iconlost09: - computer linework
Yay I've got to 1000 views! Thanks everyone who have supported me through my art journey so far :)

Guru signing off.......

COMMISSION: Not doing them YET (will be doing them soon)
Well here's my first journal entry after about 7 months since I joined :P Only got a few days of school left (and a few SAC tests unfortunately) which is awesome, because that means there will be a lot more drawings I'll be bringing out to you seems I have already planned out my next bunch of drawings. So stay tuned guys and girls